Welcome to TMF Attorneys, your trusted source for divorce solutions throughout Gauteng. Our divorce law firm specializes in two distinct yet essential services – online DIY uncontested divorce and attorney-managed contested divorce. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, affordable, and effective legal assistance tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Affordable Online DIY Uncontested Divorce Services

For couples who have already reached mutual agreements on critical aspects of their divorce, our online DIY uncontested divorce services offer a streamlined and cost-effective solution. If you and your spouse are aligned on matters such as asset division, maintenance arrangements, and post-divorce parenting plans, take control of your divorce journey by initiating the process here: Online DIY Divorce.

Attorney-Managed Contested Divorce Services

In cases where mutual agreement is challenging, TMF Attorneys steps in with attorney-managed contested divorce services. Our experienced attorneys, well-versed in South African family law, act as mediators to facilitate a fair and amicable settlement. The focus is on resolving disputes efficiently while keeping costs in check. To embark on the path of resolution for a contested divorce, contact us today.